Concerto Competition Winners

Concerto winners perform in the Session II and Session III concerts.

2017 Concerto Competition Winners

2018 Session II Concert
Aubrey Cohen, violin  Aubrey’s Concerto • (Aubrey’s Bio)

Robert Young, viola & Ian Fleck, clarinet •  Robert & Ian’s Concerto
(Robert’s Bio) • (Ian’s Bio)

Danny Young, violin •  Danny’s Concerto 
(Danny’s Bio)


2018 Session III Concert

Fiona Le (Fiona’s Bio), violin, Kaylyn Majers (Kaylyn’s Bio), violin
Stella Gonzales (Stella’s Bio), violin & Victoria Schnell (Victoria’s Bio), violin

2016 Concerto Competition Winners

2017 Session II Concert
Anthony Schnell – Cello (Anthony’s Concerto) 
Danny Young – Violin (Danny’s Concerto)
Robert Young – Viola  (Robert’s Concerto) 

2017 Session III Concert
Zoe Rodriguez – Violin  (Zoe’s Bio)
(Zoe’s Concerto)
Kaylyn Majers – Violin (Kaylyn’s Bio)
(Kaylyn’s Concerto)
David Ibarra – Violin  (David’s Bio)
(David’s Concerto)

SMS Concert
Fiona Le – Violin (Fiona’s Bio) 
(Fiona’s Concerto)

2015 Concerto Competition Winners

2016 Session II Concert
Danny & Robert Young – Violin/Viola, Sinfonia Concertante, Mozart
(Danny & Robert’s Concerto)
Anthony Schnell – Cello Concerto, Saint Saens
(Anthony’s Concerto)

2016 Session III Concert
Kaylyn Majers & Fiona Le – violin, Bach Double
(Kaylyn & Fiona’s Concerto)
Jacob Zheng – Viola Concerto, JC Bach
(Jacob’s Concerto)
Nikhil Arora – Concerto for Viola, Hoffmeister
(Nikhal’s Concerto)

2016 SMS Concert
Zahra Arabshahi – Concerto #4 for Violin, Mozart
(Zahra’s Concerto)

2014 Concerto Competition Winners

Session II Concert – Kadima Features it’s Low Notes!
David Altshul, Bassoon
Nicholas Castano, Cello
Robert Young, Viola

Session III Concert- Go for Baroque!
Daisy Byun & Zoe Rodriguez, Violin
(Daisy & Zoe’s Concerto)
Danny Young, Violin
(Danny’s Concerto)
Jacob Zheng, Viola
(Jacob’s Concerto)

SMS Concert – Kadima Fantasy
Anthony Schnell, Cello
(Anthony’s Concerto)

2013 Concerto Competition Winners

Concert Masters in Action
Issa Carreon • Danny & Robert Young • Nicholas Castano • Anthony Schnell
Zahra Arabshahi • Drew Samson • Max Quill

2012 Concerto Competition Winners

Concert Masters in Action
Danny Young, featured soloist with the Sr. Philharmonic
Max Quill, featured soloist with the Kadima Conservatory Philharmonic

KCM presents their Principals with Pride
Remy Cashman, featured soloist with the Kadima Conservatory Philharmonic
KCP Principal Winds, featured soloists David Seta, Al Rosenbloom, David Altshul, and Kathy Pisaro

2011 Concerto Competition Winners

Pepe Perez • Max Quill • Katie Cullen • Mabel Lawrence
Drew Samson • Noa Rubin

2010 Concerto Competition Winners

Max Quill • Elizabeth Chavez • Remy Cashman • Jennifer Landaverde