Music Programs

Kadima is proud to offer a variety of music programs to complement every skill level and every student. The Conservatory provides on-going individual, orchestral and small ensemble instruction; community and school concerts featuring the Kadima Orchestras and the Kadima String Quartet; classroom instruction and demonstrations; and music education outreach.

Kadima Conservatory of Music Orchestra Rehearsals meet Thursdays 3:45 – 7:45 pm, Vaughn G3 Performing Arts Theater – 11200 Herrick Ave, Pacoima, CA 91340 

Kadima Conservatory Philharmonics

Junior Philharmonic (JP)

A first taste of orchestral playing for young musicians with 1 year or more of private lessons. All are welcome with conductor’s approval.
3:45 – 4:45 pm

Senior Philharmonic (SP)

This orchestra is for intermediate level musicians who have previous ensemble skills and are ready for a more challenging orchestral experience. Students must have a minimum of 2 years private lesson and conductor’s approval. 
4:45 – 5:45 pm

Kadima Conservatory Philharmonic (KCP)

For serious musicians of all ages who are interested in pursuing the art of orchestral playing. Intermediate and advanced levels of strings, woodwinds, brass & percussion are welcome to audition.
5:45 – 7:45 pm


Group Instruction

At Vaughn G3

Kadima California Arts Council Beginning Strings – beginning string students, violin viola & cello

Thursdays 2:45 – 3:30 pm

Kadima California Arts Council Continuing Strings – returning string students, violin viola & cello

Thursdays 3:45 – 4:30 pm

Kadima California Arts Council Continuing Winds – returning wind students, flute & clarinet

Thursdays 3:45 – 4:30 pm


Chamber Music, Masterclasses & Summer Music Seminar

Chamber Music – coaching available for all ensembles by conservatory faculty.

Master classes: as arranged by faculty.

Annual Summer Music Seminar with the Kadima String Quartet and Faculty in residence.

This dynamic program meets twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. Students are immersed in the traditions of classical music making with an emphasis on chamber music and orchestral playing. Students of all ages and levels are welcome in this program.

Musicians participate in chamber ensembles, orchestra, music theory, private lessons, sectionals, sports and an arts program. Faculty artists present a weekly recital for the students that is open to family and friends. 

Summer Music Seminar students present both a chamber concert and an orchestral concert at the end of the seminar.


Please print and mail the appropriate applications to:

Kadima Conservatory of Music
14023 Chandler Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401
Fax to: 818-780-9811