Scholarships, Grants and Awards

The Kadima Conservatory of Music, Inc provides scholarships for both private and group instruction to over a third of its student population. Three prestigious awards are given through the year to students who embody the Kadima Spirit. Special thanks to our “Maestro” donors: Bob & Wendy Phillips’ Jeremy Charles Phillips Fund, Chris & Angie Phillips, The Scheinerman Family, & AIG Matching Grants Program.

The Jack Kesselman Orchestra Award is presented each year to a Kadima Conservatory Philharmonic student or students who live his motto “Find something you love and do it”. The award is given on merit and not financial need. Recipients receive a full orchestra scholarship, for one session. The award is made possible by the Kesselman Family in memory and honor of their father, Jack Kesselman. This award has been presented annually at the Session III concerts since 1995.


The Wendy and Jeremy Charles Phillips Scholarship was established in 2005 and is sponsored by Bob & Wendy Phillips. The award is given to a student in the conservatory who demonstrates both exceptional merit and financial need. The Jeremy Charles Phillips Award honors Jeremy’s memory in that excellence and commitment should always be given the opportunity for nurturing. Recipients of this award receive both private lessons and orchestral instruction throughout the year. The Jeremy Charles Phillips award is presented each year to a Kadima Conservatory Philharmonic student in loving memory of Jeremy Phillips who enjoyed nothing more than to provide opportunity to others. With this award his spirit lives on.

The Sandra Elaine Kesselman Award was established in 2020 by Beth Elliott, Sandy’s only daughter. This award is given to a student in the Conservatory, who might otherwise “fall through the cracks”. Sandy’s spirit embodied inclusivity, opportunity, and hope. The Sandra Elaine Kesselman Award is dedicated to all people who persevere with heart, desire, and dedication. This is how Sandy lived.


The Altschul Family Scholarship Award was established y in the summer of 2021. It is given only in the spirit to make “anything” possible for a student with great desire and great need. With this award we make dreams come true. Many thanks to the Altschul family for making this possible. This year this award makes Michael’s dream come true.

Interested in funding a grant, scholarship or award?
Contact the Conservatory at 818-780-9596.


The Kadima Conservatory is supported by the County Arts Commission, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the California Arts Council.


Recipients of the
Jack Kesselman Award

  • Eugene Kim 2022
  • Kenzie Koch 2022
  • Yosi Perlstein 2021
  • Michael Sosa 2021
  • Aubrey Cohen 2019
  • Esteban Andrade 2019
  • Victoria Schnell 2019
  • Kaylyn Majers, 2018
  • William Henriquez, 2018
  • Beatriz Marmol, 2018
  • Victor Lozano 2017
  • Danny Young 2017
  • Ian Fleck 2016
  • Robert Young 2016
  • Ian Lindley 2016
  • Isabella Carreon 2015
  • Zoe Rodriguez 2014
  • Nicholas Castano 2014
  • Remy Cashman 2013
  • Jose “Pepe” Perez 2013
  • Barbara Blankenship 2012
  • Drew Samson 2012
  • Anthony Schnell 2012
  • Katie Cullen 2011
  • Mabel Lawrence 2011
  • Nicole Plank 2011
  • Max Quill 2010
  • Cleo Sonski 2009
  • Susie Devitt 2008
  • Rosie Galvan 2008
  • JuEunhae Snyder 2008
  • Hannah Field 2007
  • Madison Alan-Lee 2005
  • Daniel Northrup 2005
  • Michael Sherman 2006
  • Jason Martinez 2004
  • Frances Rodriguez 2004
  • David Altschul 2003
  • Tess Scott 2003
  • Clea Litewka 2002
  • Danny Gonzalez 2001
  • Jensen Pawley 2001
  • Michael Miller 2000
  • Lili Pariser 1999
  • Danny Feldman 1998
  • Cheri Pereau 1997
  • Shane Mahan 1996
  • Margarita Riley 1995

Recipients of the Jeremy Charles Phillips Scholarship

  • Daliya Eigler and Victoria Schnell 2021 – 2023
  • Stella Gonzales, Sophia Gonzales, and Victoria Schnell 2017 – 2021
  • Anthony Schnell 2014-2017
  • Max Quill 2011-2014
  • Elizabeth Chavez 2005-2010

Recipients of the Sandra Elaine Kesselman Award

  • Victor Lozano – 2020-20021
  • Elizabeth Estrada – 2021-2023

Recipients of the Altschul Family Scholarship Award

  • Michael Sosa – 2021-2023